Breast Health

No matter if you are large breast or small, perky or teardrop, no woman wants to hear that she has  breast cancer. 2-5% are genetic but what about the other 95% of us?

According to the American Cancer Association 1/3 of breast cancers are preventable! What is prevention? The action of stopping something from happening.

So what can you do to be proactive in reducing your breast cancer risk? Here are  a few simple lifestyle changes that can make a huge difference.


First point of detox is to get the junk out of your diet. Stop consuming unnatural and damaged fats such as hydrogenated oils, fried foods including snacks like chips. Stop eating sugar substitutes choose natural sweeteners like xylitol, stevia or honey. In a pinch, regular white sugar is better than artificial sweeteners. Eat food that is as close to freshly prepared as possible that means no processed or pre-packaged foods. Choose supplements made from food sources. Synthetic supplements are still foreign to your body and are not completely absorbed and can have some negative effects over the long term. Stop drinking your toxins! Go to water, green tea and organic coffee. No more soda or undiluted juice. Sweat! Our skin is a major detoxification organ, use it.

Second step is to detox your organs – liver, kidneys, lungs and gut. Use green foods like broccoli, kale and wheatgrass. Beets are amazing to clean the liver.