Dense Breast Facts

The current standard of care for breast cancer screening is inadequate for those women who have dense breast tissue.

Why is it important to know your breast density? Over 40% of all women in the U.S. have dense breast tissue. Of that, Asian women are the highest percentage. Women with dense breast tissue are four to six times more likely to develop breast cancer. But many women in the U.S. are not being told that they have dense breast tissue. It is now law in California to inform you if you do. Ask your physician about your breast density so you can make informed decisions about how you choose to get your breast screenings.

Over 50% of breast cancer is missed by mammography in women with dense breast tissue. As per the American Cancer Society, dense breast tissue makes it hard for doctors to see cancer on mammograms. Dense tissue shows up as white spots as do tumors and breast masses, so the dense tissue can hide a tumor or be mistaken for one. Therefore, mammograms can be less accurate for women with dense breasts. It also increases the frequency of false alarms and unnecessary procedures.

SureTouch technology “feels” your normal breast tissue and then looks for anything that is different. Because it identifies your dense tissue as “normal” for you, studies have shown it to be very accurate at finding masses that are truly of concern. SureTouch is the woman with dense breasts best friend for peace of mind.

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(1) comment September 26, 2017

I ve been to the Pasadena Breast Wellness Center for the SureTouch exam, for skin care and for acupuncture and I cannot overstate how impressed I am. Brenda Smith is one of those people who makes you feel immediately comfortable with her humor and by the fact that she very obviously cares for her patients.

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