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Pain Free - Radiation Free - Breast Exams

SureTouch Breast Exams: No pain, no squoosh, no radiation

SureTouch is an FDA cleared breakthrough technology. SureTouch is a safe, accurate, enhanced clinical breast examination that enables all areas of the breast to be examined while offering immediate results for you and your doctor.

During your exam you’ll see ultra-sensitive, multi-dimensional color images instantly appear on a computer screen in real-time, allowing you and your clinician to view the size, sharp, hardness and location of suspicious masses immediately. There’s no waiting time for results.

Help Stop the Panic AND Start Empowering Choice!


No matter if you are large breast or small, perky or teardrop, no woman wants to hear that she has breast cancer. 2-5% are genetic but what about the other 95% of us?

According to the American Cancer Association 1/3 of breast cancers are preventable! What is prevention? The action of stopping something from happening.

Most women don't realize they have CHOICES in their health!

Brenda Smith - Acupuncturist & Certified Sure Touch Practioner

"SureTouch has taken her to the next level of care for women. After years of not supporting the current standard of care for breast health, this technology fits perfectly into her philosophy of being as natural and wholistic as possible.

She has begun a journey of learning about breast cancer and is excited about the knowledge she can know share with women of all ages. “Knowledge is power.

We cannot make educated choices of we don’t know what our options are. I am so happy to be able to help women get back into their bodies and make choices that make sense with regard to their health.

SureTouch has been a blessing to my practice.”