What is Sure Touch Breast Exam

SureTouch is an FDA cleared breakthrough technology. SureTouch is a safe, accurate, enhanced  clinical breast examination that enables all areas of the breast to be examined while offering immediate results for you and your doctor.

A Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) is performed by a health professional to feel for lumps and look for changes in the size, shape or texture of your breasts. SureTouch works in much the same way. As the clinician gently moves the SureTouch hand-held sensor across the breast and underarm area, you’ll see ultra-sensitive, multi-dimensional color images instantly appear on a computer screen in real-time, allowing you and your clinician to view the size, sharp, hardness and location of suspicious masses immediately. There’s no waiting time for results.

Unlike a mammogram, a SureTouch exam doesn’t painfully pull or flatten your breast, and the upper outer quadrant, where the majority of breast cancers occur, can be examined easily and without any discomfort.

Since SureTouch exams are digitally recorded, results can be tracked and stored, so your clinician can easily compare your latest report to earlier exam results for unmatched accuracy and consistency.

SureTouch is accurate.  Because SureTouch is more sensitive than human touch alone, you can have complete confidence in your results. It can detect masses as small as 5mm – much smaller than the 10mm masses detectable by clinicians. The SureTouch examination is not hindered by breast density as are mammography and MRI. Therefore, it is ideal for screening women with dense breast tissue, particularly women under the age of 40.